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Jamal Crawford Honored For Charity

In the midst of all their basketball-related drama and malaise, I think it's important to point out that we've got ourselves a very well-behaved, altruistic bunch of guys on the Knicks. Last night, Jamal Crawford was honored with the Thurman Munson Award given to New York athletes dedicated to charitable endeavors.

At the ceremony, Crawford was introduced by Knicks legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier, a previous winner of the Munson Award. Frazier spoke glowingly of the Knicks guard and mentioned the approximately $200,000 worth of donations Crawford has made to help those less fortunate in both New York and his hometown of Seattle.

In naming Crawford's accomplishments, such as completely renovating a library at P.S. 58 in the Bronx as well as constructing a new basketball court at his alma mater, Rainier High School, Frazier said he has been rejuvenated and motivated to make an even bigger difference in the community himself.

"(This award is) very special because it shows he's concerned about other people" Frazier explained. "So many athletes are maligned because they are supposedly selfish, flamboyant, rich and not worrying about other people, but Jamal is an aberration for athletes. And he is such a young guy, which amazes me. Only 28 years of age, and he formed his foundation. He wanted to give back and make a difference in kids' lives, so I think it's really extraordinary."

Funny that Frazier can squeeze in Clydeisms like "flamboyant" even when giving a congratulatory speech. Anyway, kudos to Jamal Crawford for all his hard work. Things like this are hard to discern amongst all the shittiness, but I think it's important that we take note. Speaking of the shittiness, the Knicks are scheduled to play the Pacers tonight in New York. Once again, I can't count on being around for the whole game, so if someone would like to do a recap, that'd be much appreciated. Backatcha later with a game thread.