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The Knicks need a Dan Steinberg.

I noticed this little aside in a Mike Dougherty blog post:

By the way, Curry is probably targeted more than any other player in the locker room when it comes to jokes, practical and otherwise. He and Nate Robinson are forever destroying each other's dress clothes. And he never seems to get mad.

See, THIS is the shit we need to hear about. Gimme details! What exactly do they do to each other's clothes? What are their reactions? Can I get video tape? We already know the Knicks suck. We know Isiah's incompetent. We know Steph is surly, Curry's fat, and Nate is immature. Enough repackaging the same depressing stories. Show me Nate Robinson pissing on Eddy Curry's mink coat.  

I guess fans of bad teams don't get insight into the hidden quirks of their players. Also, the Dolan regime would never permit that kind of transparency. Someday, friends. Someday.