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A Quick Reminder

Headlines like this make me a little sick. This has come up before, but the fact that people who write for a living and have a press pass to games can get away with that kind of slander really bugs me. I guess I'd like to take this opportunity to use the Post as an example. I've certainly been guilty of taking shots at players, Knicks and otherwise, so this goes as a lesson mainly for myself. Let us all remember that the people we're talking about are human beings, many with families and young kids. Some would argue that basketball players get paid to perform and be seen, and thus invite criticism. This is absolutely the case, and I welcome any and all comments on what a player does. Zach Randolph's ball-hogging, Jared Jeffries' jump shot, and Malik Rose's chair-pulling are all ripe for shit-talking. The line is drawn when we're attacking what a player is. It's a line that's certainly been crossed on this blog. We've all made fat jokes before, and there are probably more to come. Some of this is regrettable, but I like to think that we maintain a light enough mood here (which is an accomplishment, given the circumstances), to get away with saying some stuff in jest. I'd just like to make sure that things here stay playful and in decent taste, and, most importantly, that we always remember we're talking about real people.