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The rumor-mongerers are getting sloppy.

Seriously. Frank Isola is throwing out, of all people, Billy King as a replacement for Isiah. From the Daily News:

King, who is working as an analyst for NBA TV and ESPN, could be a strong candidate to replace Thomas in New York. He and Garden president Steve Mills are good friends.

Good friends, eh? How good? Good enough to make Kiki Vandeweghe jealous? Mr. Mills needs to quit being a tease with all these friends of his. Oh, and as for a "strong candidate", Ziller puts it best: "If by "strong" you mean "virtually indistinguishable from Isiah except for the whole sexual harrassment thing," then yes, King could be a "strong" candidate." Gotta love the New York media. Coming next: Are the Knicks looking to trade Eddy Curry for Oliver Miller?