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Tuesday Kermode Bears

Hello, everyone. We're getting closer and closer to the end of this foul season of Knick basketball. A few things in the meantime:

  • Our friend Anthony Mason's Haircut was at the game in Indiana last night, and emailed me a few notes from the event. I've asked him to post the whole thing as a diary, but here's one highlight that made me giggle:
    Former Hoosier Jared Jeffries got a nice round of applause from the Indiana faithful.  I welcomed him to the game by yelling "SHIT!"
  • James Dolan's rumored contact with Donnie Walsh has people chattering about change on the horizon. In that linked post, Alan Hahn points out the pre-existing connection between Walsh and Isiah from Indiana...which might not bode well for those of us that would like to see Zeke completely excommunicated from the organization.
  • You've got to look to find the news, but Eddy Curry's arthroscopic surgery (Doping and Scoping?) was successful.
  • Stat genius, Barnesgasm, gives us solid evidence that Jerome James should be starting.
  • SML looks at the possibility of a young, cheap Knick roster.
  • The kermode bear, or spirit bear, is a sub-type of black bear that expresses recessive genes in such a way that it is- get this- white. So...which NBA player could we call the "spirit bear"?
  • Isiah Thomas' destruction of the Knicks is actually a prank orchestrated by an incognito Andy Kaufman. Duh.
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with basketball, but everyone must see it.
Dassit for now, gentlepeople. The Knicks don't play again until Friday night. Enjoy the break. See you again soon.