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YouTube Goodness: Z-Bo's Life

I can't believe I've never seen this before, but J.E. Skeets turned up an entertaining (albeit lengthy) video filmed by the people behind Put Me N Coach chronicling a day in the life of Zach Randolph. Enjoy.

Some thoughts:

  • Given the weather and Zach's comments to the media (which sound like they could be in reference to the lawsuit), this sounds like it's from the late summer/early fall, either before the season started or early on in the season.
  • I'm pretty sure this Joe Johnson chap knew who was gonna be behind that door. He's not fooling me.
  • What the hell is a man that big gonna do with a piano that small?
  • Who knew Zach Randolph could pong?
  • Did you catch Jerome James sporting a Damon Jones-esque mohawk? Does anybody remember seeing that? I don't think I do.
  • I wish we got full footage of the Simon Says game. Marbury's giddiness while dancing and ineptitude in following instructions is sort of surreal to watch. Who do you think won that game?
Hope you enjoyed. Some discussion of the Knicks' managerial future is next.