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It's official.

Sorry. I guess a headline like "it's official" might be misleading given the uncertain future of our general manager and coach. That remains uncertain. What is now certain is that the Knicks are in full-throttle tank mode, and hardly trying to hide it:

Thomas made it clear Thursday he's playing for the future -- whether he's a part of it or not -- by revealing the Knicks probably will not use Zach Randolph the next two games.

With starters Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry already sidelined after surgery and Quentin Richardson questionable, the Knicks could be missing nearly their entire starting lineup when they host the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night.

Fine with Thomas, who wants longer looks at players such as Randolph Morris and Wilson Chandler.

Despite the potential karmic backfire, it's hard to argue with tanking at this point. Also, we really do want to see what the young guys can do. There is an objective behind the know, besides losing. Anyway, if it wasn't official before, sitting Zach Randolph for no legitimate reason seals the deal.

By the way, tough luck that Jerryd Bayless and Arizona got eliminated from the tournament. A few more high-pressure games might've given us a better idea of his potential. He wasn't even really running the offense when I saw him. Sucks.