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We can forget Donnie Walsh.

Looks like we can take one name out of the running. The Daily News and others are reporting that Donnie Walsh has met with the Pacers and will likely be sticking in Indiana, thereby blue-balling the entire Knicks fanbase.

This shifts the attention to the other men reported to be in the race, including Jerry West and Jerry Colangelo. Meanwhile, you've got Isiah ardently convinced he's still gonna be around next year while the Knicks quietly get blown out by the worst teams in the league (Big 5-0 last night! Congrats, Knicks!). Pardon my lack of a recap for the last two games, but I just can't bear to sit through whole Knick games on the weekend when one can find a higher quality of basketball on CBS. Shit, you could find better basketball on the Food Network right now.

Props to JoshL for breaking the news in his diary while I was writing my post. Punk.