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Donnie Walsh Expected to Join Knicks

It's not quite official, but here's the report from ESPN:

Walsh is expected to sign a three-year, $15 million contract with New York at the end of this season to oversee their basketball operations division. The source did not know what would become of current Knicks president of basketball operations and head coach Isiah Thomas once Walsh joined the Knicks.

Walsh only said Monday he will finish the season with Indiana and will not comment on his plans. Pacers team president Larry Bird will take over many of Walsh's duties.

That's not finalized enough to be sure of anything, but things are looking up. More when it comes.

UPDATE: From CNNSI (I'm moving this to the top in expectation of developing news):

It appears current president and coach Isiah Thomas will not be back, though he is expected to receive a healthy severance, the source said. Thomas is reportedly making $7 million annually on a contract that runs for three more years, according to another league source.

UPDATE AGAIN: Not so fast?

The Donnie Walsh situation continues to produce conflicting reports. Tuesday morning at the Pacers' shoot-around in Indianapolis, a team spokesman told the Indianapolis Star that the ESPN report about Walsh agreeing to run the Knicks is false.

The spokesman, David Benner, said that Walsh, who announced on Monday he will leave the Pacers, "hasn't agreed to anything with anybody."

"There's nothing clear about his future and when there is he'll make a statement," Benner said. "He hasn't agreed to anything with anybody."