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Nets 106, Knicks 91

The Donnie Walsh rumors have yet to be substantiated. In the meantime, the Knicks played a game last night and lost with flying colors. Game notes:

  • Clyde's outfit theme: "Blue's Clues".
  • It seems like Wilson Chandler alternates between shyness and trigger-happiness, depending on the game. Some nights, he's passing up wide-open shots, while on nights like last night, he doesn't think twice before letting it fly. Wilson did get to the basket some and finish with 13 points on 6-10 shooting, so nicely done.
  • Mike Breen made a good point that David Lee's game is typified by the fact that he's putting up double-doubles (12 and 13 last night) in March on a 19-win team. Can't stop, won't stop.
  • Lee's blunder of tipping the ball into the opposing basket does appear to be contagious, though. Zach Randolph tipped a rebound into the Nets' basket in the first half.
  • "Knicks spokesman" Jonathan Supranowitz was sitting right behind Isiah and chatting away on a cell phone. For what it's worth.
  • Clyde described a hard foul in the second quarter as "vicious, but not malicious". Haven't heard that one before.
  • Clyde also professed his desire to visit Serbia and Montenegro after hearing about its' majesty while sailing in Turkey last year. Who knew he was so worldly? Do Clydeisms translate into other languages? Can any P&T user translate "resounding rebounding" into Serbian? Does it still rhyme?
  • My roommate is trying to grow a plant in a bottle, and put a water bottle filled with dirt on top of the TV. The best way I can describe this game is that I spent about 38% of the time watching the bottle.
  • Randolph Morris needs to play basketball. If he's not playing well enough to be on the floor with the tanking Knicks (which isn't true), then he needs to go to the D-League. Let. Dolph. Spin.
  • I'm not saying Malik Rose is overrated as a veteran leader. I'm just saying that he put up a three in the fourth quarter of a game that wasn't yet out of hand.
And that's all she wrote. I'm gonna be in class til about 3:30, so any posts on the front office front won't be up until then. Keep your ear to the ground in my absence. Peace.