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Wednesday Donnie Walshes

Since all these links are about him and he is, after all, a mammal, today's link post is named after the esteemed Donnie Walsh. Dig:

  • One thing I hadn't thought about is the possibility that Walsh might not take the GM spot himself, and might be the more ambiguous, all-reaching "president" like he was in Indiana. On that note, Mitch Lawrence throws around names like Mark Warkentien and Billy King(!) as GM, and Mark Jackson, Scott Skiles(!), and Tom Thibodeau as coach under Walsh. There's also the possibility of just keeping Isiah. SML on all of this.
  • Indy Cornrows with a transcript of Walsh discussing some basketball history, both recent and ancient. The more I hear and read what this guy says, the more he seems like an especially intelligent, articulate, respectable, and likable guy.
  • If you're looking for clues about this situation, don't go to Isiah. Duh.
  • Here's one guy who'd probably be happier with Walsh than Isiah. (via TrueHoop.)
  • This is my favorite thing I've read so far. Knickerblogger makes the point that a flashy name like West or Colangelo might be nice, but what we really need is someone who's willing to be thrifty and patient. Walsh built those 90's Pacers through the draft and by fleecing other GM's. He's clearly got it in him to build a team from the ground up.

That's all for now. We'll surely be coming back to this as more comes out. Game thread coming shortly.