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Game Thread: Knicks at Raptors- 3-28-08

Welcome back to another chapter in the tragic opus of the '07-'08 New York Knicks. Tonight, our beloved heroes are in Toronto, Ontario (Motto: "The place where Rick Fox's balls dropped! We think!") to face the Raptors. In advance, I answered a few questions for the gents at HoopsAddict, who are actually anticipating a playoff run and care about these games. What tools! Seriously, though, great site with a fantastic bunch of writers. Check em out if you don't already do it regularly. Anyway, I'll be giving this game only occasional glances to check in on Wilson and Dolph, so if anybody wants to do a recap, you have my blessing. Get them dinos.

(P.S. My favorite joke of all time is the joke that there are so many Land Before Time movies that eventually they'll just catch up to "Time". I tell that one about twice a day.)