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Monday Douc Langurs

Well, hello again. It was a weekend that went largely ignored here at Posting and Toasting. The Knicks did their part in boosting the playoff aspirations of two Eastern Conference teams, Toronto and Atlanta, by losing handily and predictably. Well done, Knicks. That said, here are some things to address on this rainy Monday...

  • A look at the upcoming schedules for some rival losers, and the Knicks still-slim chances of nabbing a tip-top pick.
  • Speaking of them draft picks, I've been a bit late to the bandwagon on Derrick Rose, but this weekend sure did some convincing. I'm starting to see those shades of Jason Kidd that people have been talking about, including hitting the glass and then pushing the ball to lead the break. On the other hand, in this TrueHoop post, Henry compares highlights of Derrick Rose and Micheal Ray Richardson. Uncanny.
  • Donnie Walsh: Change We Can Believe In? Maybe.
  • All reports say that the University of Indiana isn't a candidate to take Isiah off our hands. Wouldn't that be a wonderful interstate heist on our part? "The state of Indiana trades Donnie Walsh to the state of New York for Isiah Thomas and a sexual harassment scandal to be named later".
  • Jerome Williams (who I really wish was a Knick during the P&T era. I miss JYD) has himself in some trouble with Mike Bibby and his car.
  • To finish things off, a story from DLIC that suggests that Stephon Marbury may have once spent some time with Brian Greene. If you know what I mean.
And those are your links for today. The Knicks' next game is tomorrow night in the fine city of Milwaukee. See ya then.