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Tuesday Banded Linsangs

Good afternoon, posters and toasters. The Knicks are off tonight, so let's take a look at a few pieces of interest.

  • From the "Knicks as adolescent romance" department: This shit about the status of Stephon Marbury's invitation to Isiah's sweet sixteen the Garden is is getting ridiculous. I can almost side with Isiah on this one. Reporters shouldn't be antagonizing him about relationship matters he's not allowed to discuss. They should be antagonizing him about his team's persistent dementia in crunch time situations.
  • Chris Sheridan with 4 reasons why Isiah may have coached his last game with the Knicks. Don't even click that link. Here's a summary: the Knicks are bad, Dolan's a psycho, and Marbury is sad. Sheridan's got little more than a text message to back up his story.
  • From Blue Monkey Disco Party, a transcript of Isiah's successful attempt to sign Will Ferrell. (Tip of the hat to J.E. Skeets.
  • SML's thoughts on last night's loss, including the revelation that we are now officially and permanently a losing team in 07-08.
  • By the way, Barnes mentioned this in his recap, but how about Isiah replacing Nate with Chandler down the stretch? Sometimes it seems like he's a feeble grandparent trying to please the kids. "What? I thought you wanted Wilson Chandler? What's the problem?". He just doesn't get it.
  • More from last night: Chris Paul reports that Nate Robinson wishes he had a more active big man.
That's it for now. Knicks are playing the Cavs tomorrow night, but I'm sure we'll talk before then. Peace.