Just another reason why I hate the New York Post

From Marc Berman's blog:

"Stephon Marbury and Flip Saunders spent several minutes in the back room of the locker room conversing. If Marbury is bought out, Detroit may beckon. Marbury loves Saunders and vice-versa."

... How does he come to THAT conclusion from them talking to each other for a few minutes? First of all, Marc, they umm... kinda have a point guard right now. And he um... kinda signed a contract extension over the summer. And um... Marbury kinda doesn't like coming off the bench.

What kind of journalism is THAT?!

It's too bad too, the first part of that blog was nice. But then Marc has to go into total tabloid mode with that final part. There's a reason why so many people look at the Post as a joke of a newspaper, Marc. Thanks for contributing to that reason.