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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Blazers- 3-8-08

I'll be heading into the city shortly to attend what might go down as one of the most emotional moments in sport history. Tonight, at last, Channing Frye makes his return to New York. Our hero- he of the patchy peach-fuzz, slimy mouthguard, and streaky midrange jumper- will grace the Garden floor once again. How will the Knick faithful receive their lost warrior? I expect something reminiscent of KG's reception in Minnesota, only with more fireworks and dragons. Channing will likely stride to center court, open his arms to the loving crowd, and bathe in a standing ovation that shakes the island of Manhattan. I am truly lucky to have a ticket.

Yeah, so the Knicks are hosting the Blazers tonight and I'll be there. I'll recap tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm trying out something a little different. SB Nation has a little demo deal with Microsoft, and I'm gonna test some "mobile post" technology tonight. Basically, I can phone in a post from the Garden (probably as soon as the game ends), and put it up on P&T. That should be posted late tonight, with a recap coming in the morning. I'm just giving it a try, so don't fret if it's not your cup of tea. In some countries, they'd pay good money to hear my melodious voice.

Make sure to check out SB Nation's lush garden of Portlandic passion, Blazers Edge, for the opponent's perspective. Get them W's.