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Eddy Curry is damaged.

From the Daily News:

Knicks center Eddy Curry has torn cartilage in his right knee and will rest for a few days before a decision on surgery is made.

Curry missed New York's loss to Portland on Saturday after hurting the knee during the first half of a loss to Detroit the previous night. An MRI exam Sunday revealed a small vertical tear, so Curry will need surgery at some point.

However, unlike a horizontal tear, there is no risk of further injury if Curry continues to play, so he can put off the operation if his knee responds to treatment over the next couple of days.

Curry won't play Monday in Dallas and is listed as questionable for Wednesday's game at Miami. He will be re-evaluated sometime in the next few days.

Major bummer for Eddy, who was just starting to play like himself after season-long struggles. Obviously, it's his call, but I don't see a legitimate, team-oriented reason for him to not shut it down for the year. Wins amount to nothing at this point, and we'd probably be better off getting more meaningful minutes for the likes of Lee and Morris. The article goes on to say that Randolph should be back tomorrow against Dallas, while Jamal Crawford is questionable.