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Awards and News

Two things before we get to a nice link post later today.

  • First, if you don't know Hardwood Paroxysm, it's one of the better NBA-general blogs out there. They've got thorough coverage, wit aplenty, and a lot of love for fellow bloggers. Regarding that last quality, the guys at HP have engineered the first annual Basketblog Reader's Choice Awards. I urge you to follow the link and get votes in for your favorite NBA blogs. It's quick and fun.
  • Second piece of news is something really awesome. Late next week, Posting and Toasting will finally be moving to a newer, shinier platform. The new digs are pretty user-friendly and pretty pretty. Nothing puts a shitty season behind you like a fresh, clean blog format. Get psyched.
That's what's up for now. Probably some links coming later today. One love.