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Three More, Then It's Time to Talk

From, Donnie Walsh says Isiah has the rest of the season (just three more games) to coach for certain. Some time in the next week or so, the two will sit down to discuss Zeke's presence with the team next season. Walsh is understandably hesitant to jump to any conclusions, but isn't exactly giving Thomas a clean slate:

"You can say I have an open mind as far as any conversation I'm going to have," Walsh said. "I still don't think we've played well, there's a lot of things I want to talk about. So it's not totally open. It's not like I'm going in saying, 'Well, this has all been great, so what do you want to talk about?"

Good to know that Donnie's a fair guy...but also good to know that he knows the deal with Isiah. To be continued.