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The Future of Herb

From The Post, P&T favorite Herb Williams is expected to stick around and be a candidate for the head coaching position if and when Isiah Thomas is relieved of his duties.

Although Mark Jackson has emerged as a favorite to replace Thomas on the bench, Williams will be interviewed for the Knicks' head-coaching vacancy - a job he had on an interim basis for the final 43 games of the 2004-05 season, posting a 16-27 (.372) record.

None of the other Knicks assistants are expected to be retained when Thomas is removed sometime after Wednesday's season finale. Because of his classiness, Williams is a favorite of owner James Dolan; he also is a longtime associate of Walsh.

First of all...what am I missing here? What gives Berman the right to speak of Isiah as if he's already out the door? To my knowledge, the two haven't sat down and Walsh certainly hasn't even hinted at any definite decision. Like Isiah or not, it's not very honorable to write about him like that.

Anyway, if Isiah is fired, I'd love to see Herb get a shot at the top spot. He's always come off as an intelligent, no-nonsense guy who still has a sense of humor and a good rapport with the players. That's the kind of guy I want running my team. Leave your thoughts in the comments.