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The Offseason Begins

First off, my apologies for being mistaken about the date of the platform change-over. We've got one more day of being plain, and then tomorrow is the day of the switch to P&T 2.0. I'm sure of this.

Our season is over, and what better way to end it than getting torched by Mike Dunleavy? Many expect that today will bring Isiah's permanent firing from the Knicks. I have no insight as to whether this is the case, but I'll be on top of things...unless the news comes out between 12:40 and 3:30, when I have class. In that case, I'm hoping one of you will jump on the story in the diaries.

The early offseason will bring with it plenty of things to talk about. We'll be following the playoffs a little bit, preparing for the draft, and if rumors are true, riffing on coaching possibilities. The draft lottery is May 20th. The draft is June 26h. We've got plenty of work to do.