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BREAKING: It is officially over.


What better way to kick off the P&T 2.0 era than with this expected but refreshing news...

New Knicks president Donnie Walsh began his remodeling of the franchise Friday by announcing that Thomas has been removed as coach but would remain with the organization. "He will have no official title, but he will provide meaningful input," Walsh said during a conference call. "Isiah remaining a part of the franchise is important for the organization."

I don't care if he sticks with the team, as long as I don't have to see his blank expression on the sideline anymore. This is a big step, everybody. The speculation for his successor will now begin in earnest. Surely you've heard of Mark Jackson quitting on air last night, making him an early front-runner for the vacancy. I doubt this is going to happen quickly, though. We're only at the beginning.