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Best. News. Ever.

From the NY Post:

Scott Skiles verbally has accepted an offer from the Bucks, erasing him as a Knicks coaching candidate, according to a league source.

Skiles' imminent hiring strengthens front-runner Mark Jackson's candidacy, which received another boost over the weekend with Jeff Van Gundy's endorsement.

The Skiles camp was disappointed Donnie Walsh did not contact them this weekend. Skiles played for Walsh in Indiana.

"They're not going to get a chance to speak to him now," a source close to Skiles said. "The Knicks head coach is not going to be Scott."

The Skiles camp denies it reached out to Walsh. That Walsh didn't bother to call Skiles is an indication how strongly the Knicks president feels about Jackson, who could be interviewed as soon as Wednesday, with Walsh indicating it's his job to lose.

Forget the Jackson speculation and take this for what it is. Scott Skiles will not be coaching the Knicks! This pretty much guarantees it! Such relieving news. Check out Brew Hoop to see how the guys who might have to deal with the little dictator for a few years are reacting.

Update: Skiles is officially taken. Boo-yah.