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Wednesday Zebus


Good afternoon, urrybody. Let's hit up some links of interest:

- Looks like we may have been on to something regarding Isiah's future with the Knicks. From the Knicks Fix:

"I don't want there to be some kind of double-voice here, so he's answering to me and nobody's reporting to him," Walsh said. " . . . He's not going to be here on a full-time basis anymore. I'll be calling the shots, I'm in charge of the franchise. It's my responsibility where it was his."

Walsh also added this about Isiah's role:

“There is no job description. He more or less is going to – when I call him and ask him to do things, he’s a guy, for me, that I could call up and say, ‘Listen, there’s a tournament in Europe and there’s a guy playing and I want you to go see him and give me an opinion on this guy.’. . . That would be an example of the kind of things I would ask Isiah.”

Yes sir! That's about what we were looking for. Isiah's got an eye for talent, and it'd be nice to have his services available for scouting...particularly in very, very faraway places. Do you know anything about that Siberian 7-footer with a 50-inch vertical and 3-point range? No? Send Isiah!

- The always entertaining Charles Oakley is weighing in on the coaching situation. Oak firmly believes that Herb Williams is the man for the job. The prospect of interviewing Tom Thibodeau is also mentioned in that article.

- Barnesgasm takes a look at some other Knick assistants. Barnes has also officially lost his shit.

- Our friend SML has moved, and is now blogging at Sports on My Mind. Go check him out.

That's all for now, ladies. Maybe I'll put up a playoff thread in a little bit, or we can just use the comments of this post for commenting on tonight's action. Peace.