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Monday Indris


Happy Monday, Posters and Toasters. Hope everyone is enjoying the playoffs and took as much pleasure in seeing Jason Kidd tossed last night as I did. Donnie Walsh and the Knicks are still hard at work, so here are some relevant links...

- Add another name to the mix- a name with which we're all familiar. Kenny Smith is now being reported as a candidate for the vacant GM position. We all know "The Jet" from his announcing on TNT and MSG. He's an articulate, intelligent guy who knows basketball. Interesting prospect for the management spot. (Tip of the hat to the Fanhouse).

- Looks like we've got even more competition for available coaching candidates out there.

- A legendary Knick with some actual coaching experience is feeling a little sad that he hasn't gotten a call from Mr. Walsh. I'm of the opinion that Patrick definitely needs a look. Not only is he a smart dude with some coaching under his belt, but he's beloved in New York. It's be a fantastic PR move.

- Good to know that some of James Dolan's wasted bank is going to a good cause. And by a good cause I do not mean Stephon Marbury's "Feed the Ostriches" fund.

Dassit for now, babies. Enjoy the playoffs. Draft things will start up pretty soon. Peace.