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The Damage Done

Found at the Fanhouse, Portfolio has done the math and come up with a grand total- a cautious one at that- for Isiah Thomas' expenditures. I recommend reading the whole thing, but here's the breakdown:

Thomas' total liability?

    * $137 million in luxury taxes.

    * $19.6 million in lost gate revenue.

    * $18.5 million to make Coach Brown go away.

    * $11.5 million for Thomas' treatment of Browne Sanders.

All told, $186.6 million. And this doesn't even take into account Thomas' own multimillion-dollar salary and the declining viewership for Knicks' games broadcast on the MSG Network. (Inexplicably, the overall value of the team may still have grown slightly in recent years, at least according to Forbes, which estimated that the franchise was still worth a league-best $608 million in 2007, perhaps due to higher overall league revenues.)

$187 million to make the Knicks worse than they were when he started. If anyone was wondering why we're so excited about the Donnie Walsh hiring...this is why.