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Knicks 100, Magic 90

Well, it's not exactly productive, but it was nice to see the Knicks pull one out as they defeated Orlando 100-90. Quick game notes:

  • Tonight's broadcast booth was a treat: Gus Johnson, Walt Frazier, and special guest Earl Monroe. Most of the "commentary" was really just Earl and Clyde giving each other backhanded compliments and reminiscing on the old days. Earl's got a very pleasant voice, if you ask me.
  • Clyde, meanwhile, did what he could to draw some of the attention away from the guest by wearing a red and blue plaid jacket with bright red pants.
  • Tonight's star was probably Wilson Chandler, who 23 points and 8 boards in 44 minutes. Most of his scores came around the basket on put-backs and such, but he did can a 3 and show a little bit of touch from the floor. Wilson also played really nice defense on the taller Rashard Lewis when he drew the assignment, staying on his feet and helping to hold him to 2-12 shooting.
  • Today was actually going to be the day that I officially declared that Zach Randolph could not dunk. He had one wide open look at the basket with a nice running start and opted to lay it in. Then, in the third quarter he threw down a pretty legit two-handed stuff. Pretty impressive for a 6'9'' guy...oh wait.
  • I think some fan ran on the court at some point. I sorta missed it.
  • The Magic sure didn't look like a real contender tonight. Poor from the field, trigger-happy from downtown, and terrible from the line. Throw in some pretty relaxed defense and they really look like a potential first round upset opportunity.
  • Patrick Ewing got a big hand from the Garden crowd. Good luck to the big guy on the Hall of Fame ballot tomorrow.
  • Nate put an exclamation point on the game by throwing down a vicious one-handed dunk. Rashard Lewis bailed out before he got posterized, but that didn't stop Nate from following the stuff with a lion's roar and a nice jersey pop. Impressive, but still not as amazing as the Zach Randolph dunk.
  • For the last time (not really), LET DOLPH SPIN.
That is all. Lotsa mammalian links coming tomorrow. Have a good one.