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The Last Guy I'd Want Coaching the Knicks

We're gonna have to put up with a lot of this rumor-mongering for some weeks, or at least until Isiah and Donnie Walsh have a formal meeting. Anyway, Frank Isola is under the impression that Scott Skiles would be a good fit for our Knicks. I'm here to say that aside from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Skiles is the only coach over whom I'd take Isiah Thomas. And I don't even have to come up with a reason. Isola says it for me:  

Skiles, 44, would give the Knicks instant credibility and would bring back the concepts of defense and accountability. He can be brutally honest, a trait that is not always appreciated by his players, but Skiles also gets results.

That last part is rather important. If anyone could reintroduce the tense, paranoid atmosphere of Dolan's recently abandoned media policy, it's Skiles. Nothing pisses me off more than a coach who uses the media as an outlet for lashing out at his players. We've had that before, and it simply did not work. There are ways to hold a team accountable without being overbearing and belittling. The Knicks need a new culture, and Skiles just doesn't fit. Here's SML with much more on this possibility.