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D'Antoni Introduced As Coach, Marbury Still Entertaining

Today's press conference introduced new Head Coach Mike D'Antoni to the New York media and fans. The general upshot was a little different from that expressed by Donnie Walsh during his own introduction. Both men stressed preparation for the playoffs and putting a fun, competitive product on the floor. D'Antoni insisted that he didn't come to "start from zero", and was ready to win with the roster he's been given. Walsh stressed that the Knicks were trying to become "competitive as quickly as possible", which is nice, but no mention was made of rebuilding or getting under the cap. Granted, saying "well we're just gonna suck for a couple years, but then hopefully get LeBron" isn't really appropriate at a press conference. Overall, Walsh and D'Antoni seem to have good rapport, and we can be confident that both are ready to devote themselves to bettering this team. At this point, that's all we can ask for.

Meanwhile, Stephon Marbury was unexpectedly but unquestionably the star of the show. After the presser,  Q and Steph (our former Suns) were asked about the hiring and next season (as was Nate, but I missed that one). Q was fairly uninteresting. Stephon was quite the opposite (via Game On!) :







Deranged grin: check. Miami Vice outfit: check. Inexplicably sweat-drenched skin: check. "Running in the mountains" with his brother in L.A: check. We missed you, Steph.