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Knicks Considering Ewing?

Patrick Ewing's currently an assistant in Orlando, working on sharpening Dwight Howard's game. Rumor has it we might want him back to coach our own big men. Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel (who subscribes to the D'Antoni school of grooming) reports:

If Magic Assistant Coach Patrick Ewing wants to return to his old team, the New York Knicks, in a similar role, the Magic would have to excuse him from the one year he has left on his contract.

Ewing has long talked about returning to New York, but mostly as a head coach of the Knicks.

New Knicks Coach Mike D'Antoni said that Ewing was on his list of potential assistant coaching candidates.

"I know what he did in New York and I know that he's done a good job since he left," D'Antoni told reporters. "He will definitely be considered."

I'd love the move. Ewing would give us some nice PR, a proven tutor for Curry, Randolph, and Morris, and, looking way ahead, a potential heir to D'Antoni's head coaching spot. I hope this rumor is for real.

I'll be out of town this weekend so computer access will be limited. I'll still try to get on and post, but I might not be all that on top of things. Have a good one.