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Judgment Day

Tonight's the night. The Knicks' fortunes lie in the whims of 14 little ping pong balls. The lottery is scheduled for 7:30 (probably more like 8) this evening, just before tipoff of the Celtics-Cavaliers game. I believe D'Antoni will be our representative in Secaucus.

So wear your lucky boxers, give your lucky Walt Frazier bobblehead a couple taps, and do your friends a few favors today. We need the good karma.

Also, physicians recommend one and only one playing of ESPN's lottery machine on the actual day, so give it a go and then divert your attention elsewhere. Report your results here. I just gave it a spin and had the Knicks getting Eric Gordon at the 6 spot. Hopefully, you do better.

One final suggestion from your superstitious editor: just for today, let's not say the name of that coveted point guard we're hoping the Knicks can nab at one of the top two spots. You know, the one from Memphis who sometimes makes me giggle in my sleep. We can talk about him, but just don't use his actual name. Don't wanna jinx it.

Update: Our new NBA prospect blog, Ridiculous Upside will be live-blogging the event if you'd like to join in.

Update: The Knicks will have the 6th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. Sleep on it and we'll begin chattering tomorrow.