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Friday Ribbon Seals


Happy Friday, sons and daughters of P&T. Amidst all the pre-draft madness, we've got some nice links for you to taste today.

- Joey of Straight Bangin' makes a very sound argument for drafting one of my favorite college players, Chris Douglas-Roberts. He's smart and talented, but as Joey notes, lacks the basketboner-inducing freakish athletic ability that GM's so crave (although the kid can most certainly throw it down). I've got a real feeling that "The Hyphen" is gonna be a glue guy on a playoff team someday. Unless we trade down (more on that later), I'm afraid it won't be us.

- A couple days old, but it sounds as if Patrick Ewing might be too pissed to agree to join Mike D'Antoni's coaching staff.

- What do we think of this? I love Baron Davis- LOVE him- but always dread the prospect of dealing for players past their primes. At 29, and with notoriously faulty wheels, I think Davis' best years are probably behind him. Now, Monta Ellis on the other hand... (Update: Henry Abbott thinks that attracting these sorts of free agents is part of the upside of having Mike D'Antoni in New York. Interesting)

- Knickerblogger breaks down the quality of player usually available at the 6 spot. It's hit-or-miss, for sure.

- Our big link of the day comes from MSG'S Game On! blog, and it's Donnie Walsh discussing options from the draft lottery. Pretty much unprovoked, Walsh mentions a the possibility of trading down a couple times, suggesting that there's talent "at least down to 10, maybe more". Walsh also briefly discusses the topics roster management and foreign players. Check it out:




That's it for now, children. I'm gonna have a look at the most recent mock drafts and get a nice little round up for later this afternoon. Until then, peace.