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Mock Mongering: 5/23/08

To start, I recommend that everybody read Dave from Blazers Edge's assessment of pre-draft hysteria. The fact is, all this speculation is just that- and we're bound to vastly overrate some guys while completely ignoring others with real potential. That said, I'm totally caught up in the pre-draft hype, and I'm also a total sucker for mock drafts. Let's get to our first round up of what various mocks are predicting for the Knicks at #6.

Ridiculous Upside: Danilo Gallinari

MyNBADraft: Eric Gordon O.J. Mayo

Draft Express: O.J. Mayo

Hoops Hype: O.J. Mayo

Chad Ford: Danilo Gallinari

CollegeHoopsNet: Eric Gordon

Inside Hoops: Danilo Gallinari

Interesting. It's only May, and the mocks have already narrowed down to three guys. I'll keep you posted, and we'll check back in on what the mocks are saying soon.