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Get To Know Gallinari

The NY Post is reporting today that the Knicks' supposed interest in Italian prospect Danilo Gallinari is mutual. Vittori Gallinari, Danilo's father and former teammate of Mike D'Antoni, would love to see his son in New York.

Though invited, the younger Gallinari can't attend this week's pre-draft camp in Orlando in which the lottery hopefuls are given physicals and strength/fitness tests. Last night, Gallinari's Armani Milan club faced elimination in the Italian League playoffs.

According to Vittori, Danilo will travel to the U.S. on June 6 for private workouts with teams, but will be selective. Gallinari will work out for the Knicks and only a handful of others.

"We're not going to move around too much," said Vittori. "We'll select just a few teams, the Knicks for sure. New York is a good city of many Italian people, which makes it more interesting for us."

Vittorio said he saw reassigned Isiah Thomas at a couple of Gallinari's games two weeks ago and also Nets GM Kiki Vandeweghe last month.

For those of you who are as worried as I am that we might be in the market for Bargnani Part Due, check out SML's Know the Prospect post on Gallinari, including all the relevant stats, specs, history, and video footage you'll need.