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Knicks Work Out Bayless, Gordon

As expected, Arizona's Jerryd Bayless and Indiana's Eric Gordon paid visits to the MSG Training Center to work out in front of Knicks staff.  The two put their skills at both guard positions on display, running, passing, and shooting for D'Antoni and friends. Things went well, nice things were said, but special attention must be paid to this last bit:

Bayless in particular has a special fondness for D'Antoni, because the current Knicks coach was an assistant under former Phoenix head coach Frank Johnson, a man who is "like an uncle" to the Wildcat star. Growing up, Bayless spent a lot of time around D’Antoni as well.

"The run-and-gun system really lets the players flourish, and I would love to be a part of that if that was possible," said Bayless. "I went to dinner with coach last night. We discussed (his system) and I told him I think I can be a great part of his system if they do decide to take me and it does work out. He said he has all the tools, he just needs an engine to run it, like a Steve Nash. So hopefully, if the situation works out, I can be the engine or the steering wheel to get it going."

I guarantee you that Bayless is the only prospective Knick to dine with D'Antoni. The history and mutual interest between the two, combined with the fact that Bayless would be an excellent fit, really leads me to believe that, should he slip to number 6, the Knicks will take Jerryd Bayless. Granted, the slip isn't all that likely, but everything that Bayless, D'Antoni, and Walsh have said seems telling.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at another prospect who is perhaps my second choice if Bayless is off the board at 6. Peace.

Update: My internet is completely shot, and has been for all of today. I'm going to go elsewhere and get the next Know the Prospect up tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay.