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Mayo Stops By

My apologies for the spotty posting. My internet is completely toast, so I've gotta haul my ass to the library or anywhere with a wireless connection to get on. There is another Know the Prospect forthcoming.

Meanwhile, O.J. Mayo paid a visit to the Knicks training facility yesterday and expressed  excitement over the notion of playing D'Antoni (D'Anticipation?) akin to that of our previous few visitors. From Alan Hahn:

"If you get the opportunity to play for D'Antoni," O.J. Mayo said, "you get a great chance to put up shots and really get up and down."


"It is great for any guard who can get up and down the floor and shoot well," Mayo said. "It definitely puts you in a position to be successful."

We can also discard my theory that Jerryd Bayless is our sure thing because of his dining with D'Antoni. Mayo, as well, had a bite to eat with the coach, at the Ritz Carlton no less. A slew of prospects, including Danilo Gallinari, D.J. Augustin, Donte Green, Kevin Love, and Anthony Randolph, are expected to work out today. With luck, my internet will be in good shape by tomorrow, and we'll be back into it. Peace.