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Wednesday Japanese Serows


Good afternoon, brethren. My internet's back, it's lovely outside, and the NBA Draft is but a week away. Things are peachy. In the meantime, let's touch on some things I've missed over the last few days.

- The workouts continued, as Love, Augustin, and Randolph, among others, rolled in for one massive workout, while Danilo Gallinari got to spin solo.

- Knickerblogger is doing some mock mongering of his own, including a chart marking the average projected draft spot of each potential Knick.

- As SML points out, Danilo Gallinari's NBA hopes may or may not be limited to the Tri-State area.

- The SB Nation Mock Draft rolls on at Ridiculous Upside. I got excited and picked Russell Westbrook 6th, passing on Bayless, Randolph, and Alexander in the process. Sorry.

- - Many are wondering if the Knicks' point guard hole might be more readily filled by trade, or by a lower draft pick. One interesting name mentioned in that article is Jarrett Jack. The Blazers also have the 13th pick to offer, although I can't imagine who we could offer to even out a draft day trade. They certainly don't want Z-Bo. You know what? It's time for a poll. If you choose to trade for a point or trade down in the draft order, let us know exactly what you're thinking of in the comments.