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Monday Hyraxes


What up, people? It's draft week, and shit's going wild in the world of the NBA. Here are some Monday links...

-  "John Hollinger", using his "draft rater", "predicts" Russell Westbrook to be among the "riff-raff" of this year's guard prospects. Here's Russell's response. Riff-raff that.

- In the most recent (and probably final) installment of Know the Prospect, SML takes a peek at the big, gangly monster they call Anthony Randolph. I, like SML, don't see this chap bringing much to the table. I'm not gonna talk shit though, for fear of being eaten.

- While I would agree that his outlet-passing is D'Antonirific, I don't see the Knicks taking Kevin Love as FreeDrafto projects.

- Random bit of gossip: A friend of mine's father is a Knick scout (and former NBA baller), and according to this friend, the Knicks staff is hot for Joe Alexander. Just a little something to pique your interest.

- I don't know why I hadn't though of this, but I was reminded today that Mike D'Antoni isn't gonna be around much this summer.

- Barnesgasm is back, and has also lost his goddamn mind. Clicking that link will freeze your computer, and possibly stop time entirely.

That's all for now, babies. 3 days 'til draft day!