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Draft Day: The P&T Draft Board

The days of speculation and discussion are now past us. The day of truth has arrived. Now that we've dissected every prospect and had dreams of each lighting up the Garden, marching the Knicks to the post season, and having water fights with Zach Randolph. We've gotten to know Randolph, Westbrook, Alexander, Bayless, Gordon, Gallinari, and Mayo. There are a number more being considered, and a variety of trade options available to Donnie Walsh as well. But, assuming the Knicks stand pat, it's time to get a sense for who Posting and Toasting, if managing the Knicks by committee (a good idea, if you ask me), would take with the Knicks' 6th selection in the 2008 NBA Draft. I was going to leave Mayo off the poll, figuring he wouldn't be available, but I decided otherwise. If plenty of people vote, we can get a good look at our preferences and make a ranked P&T Draft Board. I wish there was a way you could rank your choices 1-10 or something like that, but there isn't. My poll feature just isn't that intelligent. Still, get those votes in early and often (multiple computers! tell your friends!) and hopefully we'll have a halfway decent and halfway truthful breakdown of our picks come draft time. When I get home tonight we'll probably do one last look at the mock drafts, and then get the thread going for an exciting night at MSG. See you then.