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Draft Thread '08

The 2008 NBA Draft is about an hour away. This here is your thread for comments on the Knicks pick, both before and after it's made. The poll below shows that most P&T users are looking for O.J. Mayo, and would take Westbrook or Bayless if he's off the board. And we certainly don't especially want Gallinari, despite what every mock draft says.

It's gonna be an exciting night. If you're looking for some live discussion, I'd suggest heading over to Ridiculous Upside. I'm participating in an epic liveblog with a slew of other NBA bloggers. It's a draft orgy.

Get psyched and bring a change of underwear. Get them draft picks.

Update: Forgot to mention...What do we think about these new D. Lee rumors? I like Jarrett Jack, and I'm curious to see who we'd be looking at later in the draft, but I liked the Memphis deal better. Thoughts?

Update again: The Seattle-L.A. trade seems to improve the Knicks' chances at getting one of the prized guards. L.A. is apparently enamored with Eric Gordon, meaning Bayless and Westbrook are more likely to drop. Anybody but Gallinari.