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Danilo Gallinari Is a Knick.


My initial reaction was probably a lot like yours- fury, bewilderment, sadness- but I'm slowly coming to terms with this pick. Let's look at some speculative pros and cons:

The Good

- All sources who actually know him say this kid isn't Bargnani reincarnated. He's got a tough and varied offensive game, as well as legitimate size and decent bulk.

- This is probably a step up from the Q-Rich/Jeffries/Chandler triumvirate of mediocrity.

- Tim Legler, Dick Vitale, and Mark Jackson all ripped the pick. That's gotta be a good omen.

- He's got a D'Antonirific game: sweet shooting, solid finishing, and a superior handle for a big dude.

- His nickname, "Il Gallo", translates to "The Cock". Bad words are funny.

- It's been a while since a real stud came from overseas. Perhaps the time has come?

- He likes to win.

- We got to hear Donnie Walsh utter the phrase "unusual package".

- David Lee appears to be safe for the time being

The Bad

- The Knicks were lacking in defense, passing, and leadership. Gallinari does not supplement any of these deficits.

- The point guard situation is still unresolved.

- Unless Gallinari defies his scouting report, New York now has the worst defensive frontcourt in the history of basketball. It's unbelievable.

- If you saw the instantly classic "I like to win" interview, you'll know that Gallinari's English is...imperfect.

All told, I've recovered from my outrage. I'm nervous, and still pretty bummed, but Gallinari seems like a good guy and a promising player, and I don't think Walsh is done for the summer. Let's reserve judgment and have faith in our new, wiser, GM and coach, eh? More on this later.