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Danilo Gallinari is here whether you like it or not. I, for one, am coming to terms with a guy who Chad Ford says is "more like Dirk Nowitzki or Toni Kukoc than fellow Italian Andrea Bargnani". That sentiment is echoed by many others. Even before ball hits hardwood, the Gallinari pick is paying off in the form of wildly entertaining interviews. My apologies that the video doesn't quite fit into "narrow" mode. For a more aesthetically pleasing setup, I recommend "wide".

Something tells me that, out of everybody on the team, Stephon Marbury is gonna be the one Knick to take Gallinari under his wing. If anything, that'll make for some even greater videos. "I spend summer...ehh...for go running in mountains. Yes."


Welcome to New York, Danilo. You've already proven yourself to be entertaining, which gets you P&T points, if nothing else.