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Workouts To Begin Tomorrow

Frank Isola has the list of the first invites to work out privately for the Knicks. The guys stopping by tomorrow are as follows:

Joe Alexander (junior F, 6-8, 230, West Virginia),

Chase Budinger (sophomore F, 6-7, 208, Arizona),

Sundiata Gaines (senior G, 6-1, 210, Georgia),

Steven Hill (senior F/C, 7-0, 245, Arkansas),

JaVale McGee (junior C/F, 7-0, 237, Nevada)

Russell Westbrook (sophomore G, 6-3, 187, UCLA).

As Isola points out, none of these guys, save for maybe Alexander and Westbrook, are projected to go anywhere near the Knicks' sixth draft spot. This could be indication that the Knicks are looking to trade down, or it could just mean that we've got to wait a little longer before the big names start rolling in. Either way, there is certainly buzz, including from ESPN's Chad Ford, that the Donnie Walsh might be looking to trade down (or even up) in the draft order to escape the unsteady ground of the mid-lottery. In the meantime, the Know the Prospect profiles will continue expecting the Knicks to pick sixth.