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Mock Mongering: 6/6/08

It's been two weeks since we last looked at what the mocks were predicting for our Knicks. Let's take another survey of the same sites:

Ridiculous Upside: Danilo Gallinari (not updated)

MyNBADraft: Eric Gordon Anthony Randolph

Draft Express: O.J. Mayo

Hoops Hype: O.J. Mayo

Chad Ford: D.J. Augustin

CollegeHoopsNet: Eric Gordon

Inside Hoops: Danilo Gallinari

Mostly unchanged, although we've got two new names in the mix. has both Bayless and Mayo off the board, with the Knicks springing for LSU's Anthony Randolph over other frontcourt prospects like Danilo Gallinari and Joe Alexander. Meanwhile, the most interesting change is from Chad Ford. Ford's sources indicate that D'Antoni is sour on Gallinari, and that the Knicks' point guard void might be filled by D.J. Augustin of Texas. That's the first I've heard of Augustin being taken that high, and it's from a guy who, no matter what you think of him, is paid to keep an eye on these matters. Intriguing.

Meanwhile, from Draft Express, we get rumors of the Knicks trading Zach Randolph and the 6th pick down to Philadelphia in exchange for the 16th pick and Reggie Evans' smaller (albeit still lengthy) contract. Personally, I think it'd take more than a little cash for the Knicks to downgrade on talent and potential in a single trade. 16 is too far a fall from 6 and Evans is too far a fall from Randolph. Trading down is a worthwhile prospect to explore, but not that far. I'm interested to hear how the rest of you feel about that one.

I'm out of town over the weekend (and hitting up Game 2 in Boston on Sunday, my first playoff game ever. I choose my friends well.), but I'll be back Monday to bring some more pre-draft updates and player profiles. Stay cool.