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Friday Coypus


Happy Friday, everybody, and T.G.I.F., indeed. I'll be gone down the shore to swim with the litter this weekend, so I've got a few links and a couple matters of housekeeping to leave you with into Saturday and Sunday.

- First piece of news is this rumor. The Knicks are reported to have rejected an offer from the Clippers that would send Zach Randolph to L.A. for some expiring contracts. Very, very interesting. It would seem that Walsh feels he can get more value in return for a player who, let's not forget, was exchanged for Channing Frye and that other guy just last summer. I suppose I'll give Walsh the benefit of the doubt. Randolph did have a solid season, numbers-wise, and he's still a star-caliber player with a unique skill set (an "unusual package", if you will). That said, I think other GM's won't be willing to part with much more than the equivalent of Channing Frye and cap relief. The Clips also have an assload of free agents, thereby standing as one of the few teams with fiscal room for Randolph's contract, let alone physical room for his globular head. ClipperSteve, meanwhile, isn't too hot on the prospect of Randolph, but has some interest in David Lee. We'll see what happens with this one. It is just a rumor, after all.

- To file away: Henry Abbott: "When the Knicks drafted Danilo Gallinari, I sent out a dozen or so text messages to my friends who are Knicks fans. It read, 'Hahahaha.'" Add that name to the list of people to troll if Gallinari makes it big. (I know. I should be on that list, too, since I panned the pick at the outset. Shut up.) By the way, Danilo Gallinari has officially been added to the SBNation database of taggable NBA players, meaning he's a legitimate big boy now. Don't be ashamed if you get a little choked up. I did too.

- If there's one thing that makes me want to keep Stephon Marbury around, it's my firm desire not to align myself with this guy.

- If you've been saving up for a pair of $9 Starburys, but haven't soldquite enough balloon animals to finance the purchase, fear not. It appears they aren't going anywhere. (Tip of the hat to Will Brinson.)

- A bit dated (my fault), but Barnesgasm has the details and pictures we wanted from that big soccer Shootout in Chinatown.

- Finally, a piece of business. Summer League play started today, and the Knicks' first game is on Monday. After that, games are on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All of the games are at 4 p.m. EST, and all will be on MSG. I work weekdays and don't get home until around 5, so I'll be missing a large portion of the first three Vegas games, which sucks. Anyway, it'd be great for P&T to have some insight on the youngsters for those that don't get to watch, so I'm asking for volunteers to recap the first three summer league games. You can sign up in the comments. Refer to my past summer league recaps if you're unfamiliar with the haphazard, rambling format preferred at Posting and Toasting. Thanks in advance.

That's it for the time being. Have a great weekend and remember: lefty loosey, righty tighty.