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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerSpurs: 7-16-08

Today's relevant news story is that the Clippers acquired Marcus Camby last night in exchange for a second round pick. These are the same Clippers who appeared ready to welcome Zach Randolph, cumbersome contract and all (and I don't mean "and all" as a throwaway phrase. I'm talking about this.). Given L.A.'s unique situation of having like 4 players financially committed to their team, along with the sparse package they offered in return for Z-Bo, you've gotta wonder if the Randolph sweepstakes might be closed. And we won. Hooray. I suppose it's possible that the Clips would still want Zach to fill out their roster and form a starting frontcourt with Camby. Here's an artist's visual estimation of said frontcourt:


Electrifying. Anyway, we'll see what happens on that front, but it seems that our crusade to rid ourselves of Randolph has struck a hitch.

Meanwhile, Game 2 of Knicks Summer League action is today at 4 p.m. EST on MSG. This will serve as your thread for discussion should you be watching the game. I will not be, so the lovely Barnesgasm will be taking over in my stead. Anticipate dick jokes and references to Mystikal. Get them SummerW's.