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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerSuns: 7-18-08

In their third game of the Vegas Summer League, the SummerKnicks will face the Phoenix SummerSuns. Mike D'Antoni will get to watch some of his old players (D.J. Strawberry, Alando Tucker) and some of the guys he's missing out on this year (um...Robin Lopez?). Meanwhile, the Knicks should once again be without Danilo Gallinari, and probably won't have Renaldo Balkman, who sprained his ankle in the last game. I guess it's another opportunity to get a hold on Wilson Chandler's growing game, as well as how Anthony Roberson might fit in New York. Regarding the latter, D'Antoni sees Roberson as an Eddie House type in his fast-paced offense, so I guess we should watch for those sorts of qualities here in the Summer League. Be on the lookout for signs of instant offense, accurate three-point shooting, and finely manicured facial hair from Roberson.

The game is, once again, at 4 p.m. EST on MSG. Arichmix has the recap for today. I'll do my part and cover the two over the weekend. Get them SummerW's.