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God's Canvas

Today's must-see comes from yesterday. It's the results of Ball Don't Lie's Starbury Tattoo-Off. Readers used their photoshop skills to express how they would have artistically occupied the space recently inhabited by the Starbury "3". You really must go see the full gallery, but I think this one's the best. It's called "Headspin" by yoniekal.


Simple, silly, but strangely fitting. I love it. Once again, go see the rest. You won't regret it.

In other news, a change of plans means I will not be able to watch even close to the entirety of today's 4 p.m. summer league game against the SummerBobcats. I'll put up a thread later for those who do watch, and anyone's free to do a recap, but it isn't mandatory. With Gallinari out, I don't know what more we're gonna see that we haven't seen in the previous three games (famous last words before the infamous Zhang Songtao 70 point, 40 rebound outburst). In the meantime, enjoy the multiple iterations of Steph's decorated dome. Peace.