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Report: Duhon Has an Offer

Despite all my bitching the other day, the Knicks are making a play for Chicago's Chris Duhon (they never listen to me!). The reported deal is for 2 years and around 7 million dollars. You know my thoughts on this. Duhon is a solid defender and a decent point guard, but I don't see the need. That said, he likely won't do much harm handling the ball in New York for two years.

Interestingly, though, the above article from Fox Sports suggests that rumors of Stephon Marbury's contract being bought out are false, and that Steph and Du would be battling for the starting position come training camp. Fiscally, keeping Marbury around is responsible. As I mentioned on Monday, though, this sounds as if it would most deeply hurt Nate Robinson, whose shown signs of being starter material, particularly in an offense like D'Antoni's.

Duhon is reported to be receiving offers from several other teams. If a lengthier or more lucrative deal arises, expect him to sign elsewhere, although his agent has expressed a special interest in playing for D'Antoni.

If the deal does go through, I wouldn't be surprised if this marks the end or near-end of Walsh's summer moves. Almost all trade rumors mentioned have revolved around point guards, and New York also won't have much of the mid-level left to share. That said, I have very little understanding of these financial matters, so I could be completely wrong. Walsh's next move could be to sign Bryant Reeves to a max deal for all I know. Anyway, Duhon can't make an official decision until the 9th, so we'll wait with bated breath until then.