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Monday Annamite Striped Rabbits


Good morning, everybody. Hope a good weekend was had by all. I totally dropped the ball on the last two games of summer league, which was just poor planning on my part. I'm very sorry for that. Let's hit some links to see what I missed.

- The Knicks were handily walloped in their last two games against Charlotte and Minnesota. I'm not so worried about the losses as the individual performances, and the only real standout was Anthony Roberson in yesterday's contest. The Knicks' signee put up 23 points on 9-18 shooting, including 3-7 from three to go with 2 assists. Those last two figures certainly bolster D'Antoni's notion that Roberson might play an Eddie House-type role in the Knick lineup.

- The Knicks finished 2-3 in the summer league. Considering that last season was preceded by an undefeated Vegas outing, I'll take 2-3 every year.

- You can get the individual averages for the summer league here. Wilson Chandler measures up nicely, albeit against fringe competition. Mardy Collins' numbers are rather unsightly, even against fringe competition.

- Meanwhile, let's not forget that the whole reason we were excited for the summer league was to get a chance to see Danilo Gallinari in action, and the kid ended up getting shut down. This article (ignore the misleading tabloid headline) points out that we're pretty much where we were a week ago: positive that Gallinari has a lot to offer, but without any solid evidence of how much he might contribute in the NBA. We also get this:

A team source said the Knicks are considering resting Gallinari the remainder of the summer and request he not play for the Italian national team that gets together in two weeks. The decision could be out of Gallinari's hands as the Italian players are threatening a strike.

Not sure why they'd be striking (Possibilities: They're hungry, it's hot out, their tummies hurt.), but I wonder what Danilo thinks of all this. It seemed from the outset like his back wasn't hurt that badly. This might be a little overprotection on the part of the New York brass. I can't argue with avoiding injury, as long as it doesn't create an early rift between the Knicks and Gallinari and his Italian homies.

- Final piece of SL news: Nate Robinson's #4 jersey was formally retired in Las Vegas. Says Nate, "It's crazy, right? Yeah, it's kind of awesome. First time ever, so I'm glad I could be the first one. It's kind of cool. Maybe I'll set a new trend." Such a Nate Robinson thing to take place, and congratulations to him, I suppose. You gotta wonder, though. Are they really retiring the number 4 from the summer league? That's a lot of people to deny that widely worn digit. Will players in the future petition to wear the number to honor Nate the Great? One must wonder. Anyway, this whole thing gives me some ideas for the rest of the summer. We'll be getting to what comes next shortly. Have a good one, and I'll see you all later.